Has Pope Francis changed anything?

Some people ask me that question. Women, in particular, are inclined to ask it, since the womens issue is the one that he is weakest on. And yet, when I observe the atmosphere in the Church now, compared to what it was a few years ago – the open discussion and effort to face at least some of the issues facing us,- I know that things have changed.
A recent comment that came in to the ACP website brought it home to me even more:
“As a Catholic who is fond of the Traditional Mass and appreciative of the initiative of BXVI to clarify the status of and make more widely available that Mass, I’m really hurt that Pope Francis has apparently not read or accepted Summorum Pontificate, and sees fit to ride roughshod over the legitimate spiritual aspirations and attachments of Faithful Catholics. A father ought not to do that to his children. Fatherless is how I feel under this papacy. Not a good feeling!”

After all that we, who see the need for change, have suffered over the past thirty years in the Church, I find it hard to have too much sympathy for this person; and yet I know that if the Church is to be a real Christian family it must embrace all of us, and we must be tolerant and accepting of each other.