Have Sean Fagan’s restrictions been lifted?

There is a rumour out now, coming apparently from very reputable sources, that all restrictions have been removed from Fr. Sean Fagan. If this is true I trust that there will be a public statement on the matter quickly.
It would be wonderful is Sean was again a priest in good standing in the Church. I know that the restrictions, and allegedly the threats that were used against him, were an absolute disgrace, and brought shame on the Church authorities who imposed them.
I do also believe, assuming that this rumour is true, that Sean should receive a public apology for the way in which he has been treated. I think that would greatly help to restore some credibility to the Vatican among those of us who know Sean, and those who were greatly helped by his writings.

If Sean has been set free from all restrictions, does that mean a change of attitude in the CDF, and can the rest of us in somewhat similar situations hope for some good news. I am not sure. It has been something of a policy of the Vatican to remove restrictions from people when they were old and infirm. I understand that the Sri Lankan theologian, Tissa Balasuriya, who had been excommunicated by the CDF, had that excommunication lifted shortly before his death. I certainly hope that Sean is not near death, and that he will live long to enjoy his new freedom from oppression and fear. But I will not hold my breath waiting for a call from the Vatican!!

Sunday: So it seems that this story has some truth in it, that the threat of laicisation has been removed from Sean Fagan, though his book still remains banned. I am still pleased for Sean, as I think it will mean a fair bit to him.
But I don’t think the Vatican has anything to be proud of when it removes such a threat from a man in his mid-eighties and in poor health — a threat that was disgraceful and bullying in the first place.
As is reported, they give three reasons for this move:
— That Sean loves the Church in spite of all its weaknesses. (He certainly does, but are they implying that the rest of us who are censored do not love the Church?)
— That he accepted his censure and observed his restrictions. (Well !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
— His advanced age. (I am hoping that I will not be in a position to receive that type of ‘pardon’ for many years yet!!)

If this decision was made by the CDF ‘some months ago’, I wonder why is it that it only became public now?

I also note that the Vatican decision was influenced by pressure from his Congregation and the work of some of his friends and supporters.