Launch of Angela Hanley’s Book: Whose A La Carte Menu?

This afternoon in Athlone I had the honour of launching Angela Hanley’s new book, “Whose A La Carte Menu?”  A very large crowd gathered, including people who travelled long distances. I saw Kathleen McDonnell there of the Killaloe Women,  Brian Darcy down from Dungannon, Joe Kavanagh from the Dominicans in Kilkenny, and a good many of the people involved in the reform movement in Dublin.

I was happy to recommend Angela’s book very strongly.  I think it makes a great contribution, particularly for those who have no studied theology, but who are interested and concerned about the state of the Church, and wondering what needs to be changed and how it can be done. Her book is an easy read. She explains doctrine and dogma, Church Councils, Hunanae Vitae and the teaching on contraception, Canon Law and the part it plays in the life of the Church, and many other topics. Anybody who reads it will be well equipped to comments intelligently on the issues that are so topical today.  As she said herself at the launch: “I didn’t set out to be controversial;  but I do want to help people to think”.

The book is published by Columba Books.