Link to interview on Radio; and one interesting response
This is the link to the interview my brother Frank and myself did on RTE radio on Sunday, January 10th with Miriam O’Callaghan. It was a new experience for both of us to be on a programme together. Our lives have gone in different directions, and the issues we were talking about were very different, but I think it still made a good programme.

As a follow up to the programme I got this email this morning; as you can see it is a copy of an email he has sent to the bishops, and indeed to Church authorities all over the place.
Despite the fact that Pope Francis, very early on, spoke about how the Vatican should stop taking these type of complaints seriously, the indications I have is that top people in the Vatican are still listening to them, and acting on them. Of course there is nothing more, of any consequence, they can do to me, so this does not worry me.
What does concern me is that there are people with these type of attitudes who seem to consider themselves the ‘true catholics’.

Excommunication is imperative – before you can destroy any more souls
Dear Bishops,

The tolerance of the ACP is truly deplorable.
You are failing enormously in your duties by allowing this ACP to flourish unconstrained.
These people have renounced the Truth.
They are actually entirely Protestant.
Just study the ACP website.

The Catholic Church is not a democracy, in fact it is a hierarchy. Priests must be made to obediently conform to the Truth otherwise these apostates must be dealt with severely for the reason of grave danger to souls.

Mr. Flannery and his troop of followers are a cancerous growth on the Irish Catholic faithful. The ACP are “sucking lice” feverishly siphoning the last remaining residue of faith from their luckless and doomed parishioners.
Flannery is obviously demonically obsessed (although most of you will not recognise this). Flannery’s lust for “reform” is a smoke screen for his apostasy.

Finally, Flannery your conscience must conform to the Doctrine of the Catholic Church!

Mr. Flannery please GO AWAY!

Yours respectfully,
Liam Corbett
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