Pity for Cardinal Muller!

A recent communication from my good friend in Australia, Paul Collins, contained the following:

“No doubt you are horrified at the terrible, shocking, appalling, unjust,
lack-of-due-process-way His Germanic Eminence Cardinal Gerhard Ludwig Muller
has been treated by that appalling pope fellow. No process! No consultation!
No mercy! Not even re-appointed! Dear-oh-dear! How can this be? Especially
in light of how compassionate, merciful and committed to a just process the
CDF under the said cardinal and his predecessors has been. I hope you didn’t
write anything “cynical” about this matter? Although I’m sure you did and
even enjoyed doing it. Now that’s genuine “delectatio morosa”; I’m sure you
recall this term from moral theology, but in case you can’t, it’s what you
get from thinking about sex (or a “hurt” cardinal)!”