Rebellion in the Vatican?

It is becoming increasingly obvious that all is not peaceful and happy in the upper echelons of the Vatican, and that the upcoming Synod on the Family is bringing things to a head. It is ironic that the conflict has centred around who should and should not go to Communion, considering that Jesus in his time caused great scandal by eating with ‘tax collectors and sinners’.

Two books are coming out in early October arguing vehemently that people who are divorced and remarried, or are in second relationships, should not be allowed to receive the Eucharist.  Both books have significant input by Cardinal Meuller, the Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith — my old sparring partner!!!  So it is fairly obvious that this whole movement is being led by Meuller, who is backed up by other staunch conservatives Raymond Burke and George Pell.

It seems to me that it is unprecedented for a group of senior cardinals to come out publicly with such a strong line on a topic that is to be discussed at a Synod, before the Synod has even gathered. Pope Francis, in his own comments, and through people like Cardinal Kasper, has signalled that he would like to see a new approach to this issue by the Church, one that is more merciful and pastoral. The writings of Meuller and others are clearly attacking this position — in other words, in my view, they are laying down a direct challenge to the Pope. How he will respond to this could well define the rest of his papacy. It is becoming more and more obvious that if he is to make headway in changing the Church along the lines he clearly desires, he will have to remove Meuller from his position.  Meuller is putting it up to Francis, and the issue is who is the real authority in the Vatican. That would be a very dramatic thing to do, but, from my position, I hope it happens!