Monthly Archives: January 2016

A World of Negativity

Maybe it is that I am ageing, but I find myself having less and less tolerance for all the negativity being churned out by various media outlets about life generally in Ireland, and especially about people in positions of authority.
A classic example was the much hyped Prime Time programme on corruption in politics. How many phone calls did they make to politicians, assuming false identities and trying to get people to act corruptly.

An Excellent Article by Brendan Hoban on Dermot O’Mahony and the Murphy Report

‘I never thought I’d live to see the day,’ is a common response when something unprecedented happens. An elderly priest I know made the comment when he read that Pope Francis had told the bishops in Rome at the recent Synod not to be afraid to say what they felt and that he wanted them to ‘debate, debate, debate’. Changed times indeed.
Not so long ago bishops never contradicted each other.

New Year; Floods: Year of Mercy and an Election

I am happily living on top of Laragh hill, where I am well away from any danger of floods, and where I can leave and close the door knowing for certain that there won’t be two feet of water in it when I return. It must be a dreadful experience to have your house flooded, with all the dreadful damage that causes, and the length of time it must take to get rid of the dampness and the smells.

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