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What awaits us in the Next Life?

I received an email recently, asking me could I give any idea of wha awaits us in the next life. This was my effort at an answer:

You do ask difficult question!! And I am afraid nobody has a definite answer to that one. No one has come back to tell us what the next life is like.
Many people have told me over the years that when someone very close to them dies, and after a period of grief and loneliness, they gradually get a sense that the person is close to them.

Following on from the Ray Darcy Show

Judging by the reaction I have been getting over the past two days, my interview on Ray Darcy’s show seems to have communicated with people and made a lot of sense to some. Between emails, texts and tweets, the communications I have got must number well over one hundred. And all of them, with the exception of one that blamed me for killing babies, have been positive. It leaves me with a problem of trying to respond to them, which I hope to do in due course.

The Three Books

In my previous post I mentioned that I am reading three books on Jesus for Holy Week. I have got a request to know what are the names of the books. So, for what it is worth, here they are:

1. `It’s Time; Challenges to the Doctrine of the Faith” by Michael Morwood.
Michael is an Australian, former Sacred Heart priest; he has written many books, and they are available on the internet.

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