The Three Books

In my previous post I mentioned that I am reading three books on Jesus for Holy Week. I have got a request to know what are the names of the books. So, for what it is worth, here they are:

1. `It’s Time; Challenges to the Doctrine of the Faith” by Michael Morwood.
Michael is an Australian, former Sacred Heart priest; he has written many books, and they are available on the internet. ‘It’s Time’ is his latest.

2. “Who do you say I Am? –The Christ story in the Cosmic Context’. By Kevin Treston.
Kevin is also an Australian, a lay theologian who has worked in ministry all his life. This is his latest book, and also on the internet.

3. ‘Jesus of Nazareth; a person like us?’ By Roger Lenaers.
Roger is a Belgian Jesuit, and the book was written in German. A small number are available in an English translation from Carysfort Press, Dublin.

I would consider all three books very radical, and really thought-provoking in a refreshing and exciting way. They are all short, a little over one hundred pages, and written in an easy style and language, accessible to anybody interested in the subject of who exactly Jesus was, and what we can learn, and not learn, from the Gospels. A glorious lack of theological jargon in all three!