Monthly Archives: October 2017

ACTA Conference in Birmingham

This evening I am flying out to Birmingham, to speak at the ACTA conferences, which takes place tomorrow.

ACTA is the U.K. Catholic Church Reform movement. I think it is fair to say that it’s inspiration came from the starting up of the ACP here in Ireland. It was initially conceived of as a priests movement, similar to the ACP, but it quickly changed, and opened its doors to anybody who wished to become a member.

My experience of how the Church shuts a person out.

A couple I met today asked me to explain how the Vatican sanctions effected me. Apart from not being allowed to minister publicly as a priest, I also told them how quickly I was shut out from doing anything on catholic property. I looked back at my speaking tour of the U.S. in the autumn of 2014. The locations were as follows;
Washington: Augustana Lutheran Church.
Baltimore: Faith Presbyterian Church.
Philadelphia: University of the Sciences.

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