My experience of how the Church shuts a person out.

A couple I met today asked me to explain how the Vatican sanctions effected me. Apart from not being allowed to minister publicly as a priest, I also told them how quickly I was shut out from doing anything on catholic property. I looked back at my speaking tour of the U.S. in the autumn of 2014. The locations were as follows;
Washington: Augustana Lutheran Church.
Baltimore: Faith Presbyterian Church.
Philadelphia: University of the Sciences.
New York; Judson Memorial Church.
Rhode Island: Emanuel Lutheran Church.
Boston: First Church of Dedham.
Syracuse: May Memorial Unitarian Universalist Society
Cleveland: Independence Middle School.
Detroit: IBEW Union Hall.
Minneapolis: St. Francis Cabrini Church. (Only Catholic one; priest defied bishop!)
Memphis: Conference Centre (Call to Action conference)
Sarasota: St.Andrews UCC
San Antonia: Vival Bookstore at Viva Galleria
St. Louis: St. Stanislaus Kostka Church (Independent Polish Church)
Phoenix: Shadow Rock UCC Church
Sacramento: St. Mark’s United Methodist Church.
Portland: Central Lutheran Church
Seattle: St. Mark’s Episcopal Church.

Since then I have had a couple of examples of being shut out of Catholic Churches here in Ireland. On Friday next I am speaking at the “Irish Catholicism on Trial” conference in Dublin. It was due to be held in the Dominicans in Tallaght, but was changed a week or two ago to the IT in Tallaght. I don’t know the reason for the change, but I’m afraid my bad mind is jumping to conclusions!!!!!!!

Yes, the Catholic Church is quite a narrow little club in its own way. If you are in, you are in, and if you are out, you are definitely out!