Update on Kirby and Solemnising Weddings

Update on the story of Bishop John Kirby and cancelling my entitlement to solemnise weddings.
(For the many people who read my first account after it went far and wide on Facebook!)

The initial letter I got from the Civil Registration Service told me my name had been removed from the approved list at the request of Bishop Kirby of Clonfert because I had “Left Ministry”
When I objected to that, through the Redemptorist superior, I got a letter of apology from Kirby, asking me to forgive his sensitivity, and assuring me that “immediate steps would be taken to correct the official record”.
So, today, when I paid a visit to the community of which I am still a member, though I don’t live there, a letter was waiting for me.
Again it came from the Civil Registration Service. It contained the following:

“Written request from Bishop John Kirby, nominater for the Diocese of Clonfert, for the removal of Fr. Tony Flannery from the Register of Solemnisers for the following reason:
Currently out of Ministry.
Therefore, marriages solemnised by you from 28/09/2016 will not be entitled to recognition under Irish civil law.”

So that is telling me!!!