An Update

In February last, after a discussion on my situation had taken place at our Provincial Chapter, I had a meeting with the new Irish administration and the Superior General. It was felt at the meeting that things are changing in Rome under Francis, and that the CDF is not quite so dogmatic or united as before.  So it was suggested to me that, if I was willing to give a further statement, maybe with somewhat more general content, that it might be more acceptable now than before. So I was encouraged to agreed to re-enter the process.

Two week ago I went back to meet with the Irish lads, to give my answer.  I told them that I fully agreed that there may well be changes happening in the Vatican, and that, for the sake of the Church generally, I certainly hoped there were. Then I explained that from the beginning of this whole process what I objected to was not that some people in authority considered some of my writings suspect (I believe they are entitled to do that), but the process by which the whole thing was conducted.  That I considered the process both unjust and abusive, in that I was not given the right to a direct meeting with my accusers, and a chance to explain and defend myself. I explained that I believe that this is an essential component of any fair justice system.  My colleagues did not put any pressure on me to change my position on this.

So, the end result of the meeting is that the situation remains as it was;  I remain out of ministry, and doing whatever I can to promote the work of Church reform both in Ireland and internationally.

I am well aware that what I am looking for here is a change of a centuries old attitude by the Church, and that I am most unlikely to live to see it. But I intend to continue to do everything I can to raise the issue and to keep discussion of it in the public domain.