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A good insight into what the Pope is up against in the Vatican

(When I read this I think: these are the men who were silencing myself and many others. Now they are openly attacking the Pope, but afraid to put their name to it.)

Open Letter to Pope Francis From a Former Member of the Roman Curia

DECEMBER 9, 2015

“You Are Distancing Yourself From Wisdom”

On November 27, 2015, the German-language magazine, FOCUS, published an open letter to Pope Francis from a former high-ranking member of the Roman Curia.

Could this be Pope Francis real agenda?

The first indication is the evident intention of Pope Francis to implement the agenda dictated in 1999 by Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini, in a memorable statement at the synod of that year.

The archbishop of Milan at the time, a Jesuit and the undisputed leader of the “liberal” wing of the hierarchy, said that he “had a dream”: that of a Church capable of getting into a permanent synodal state, with a “collegial and authoritative exchange among all the bishops on some key issues.”

A Personal Reflection on my current situation

By far the most frequent question asked of me nowadays is: “How are you getting on; are you coping?” It is asked with great sincerity, and, as often as not, with a pitying look. I don’t mind that. It is nice that people are concerned, and I appreciate their support. If the context is such that a conversation can take place, the questioner usually follows up with something like “What do you miss most?”

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