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Interview on RTE

On Saturday I had a twenty minute interview on the Marian Finucane Show.  But up this occasion it wasn’t Marian;  it was Aine Lawlor who was doing the programme.  I had never met Aine before, but of course knew her from all her years on Morning Ireland.  Morning Ireland is a programme that seems to specialise in aggressive questioning of guests. I don’t particularly like that style of presentation.  I find it irritating to listen to, and I don’t see that it achieves anything.

The Vow of Obedience

While on my tour in the United States before Christmas I was interviewed by a woman called Maureen Fielder, who has a very popular radio programme over there.

The interview, as it went on, focused a good bit on the vow of obedience, and how it relates to the individual conscience. I think it is a very good interview, and contains a clear statement of my belief in this area, and what has led me to the situation I am in today.

Appointing of Bishops

Today a new bishop has been appointed to the Diocese of Waterford.  He is a relatively unknown priest of Limerick diocese. Now that he has been appointed, all we can do is wish him well, and hope that he will provide good leadership for the people and priests of Waterford. I knew him reasonably well during my later years in Limerick, when he was a newly ordained priest. All I will say is that if I was choosing a priest from Limerick diocese to follow the lead being given by Pope Francis, he would not be at the top of my list.

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