The Marriage Equality Referendum

This article was written by me, and published in today’s (May 3rd) Sunday Independent.

The upcoming Marriage Equality Referendum is not the first time that committed Catholics of my generation have been confronted by significant moral questions as to how we would cast our vote. It is a good exercise, because it helps us to clarify for ourselves what exactly we believe and where we stand. As in all the other social debates we have had over the past forty years, there are no clear black and white answers, because each one of them in its own way dealt with an issue that deeply concerned human persons, and where the individual human being is concerned black and white answers are usually not that helpful: the human condition does not fit easily with rigidity.

An article I wrote recently for on the Church

The Catholic Church, worldwide is in a state of flux at the moment. For those of us in the reform movement, who believe that the Church urgently needs to change, the pontificates of both John Paul and Benedict were a dark winter. Now, with Francis, there are signs of a spring growth again. But the new shoots are fragile, and like a lettuce plant newly introduced to the garden, a sharp late April or early May frost could kill them off.

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