I am celebrating a Public Mass on January 22nd: You are welcome to come if you wish.

This January marks a significant milestone in my life; the eighteenth of the month is my seventieth birthday. I have wondered how best to mark it. I am not by nature a ‘party person’, so that option did not greatly appeal to me. Having spent forty years of my life ministering as a priest, I am now into my fifth year when I am forbidden by Church authorities to minister publicly.

An Interview with Conscience Magazine; and American publication

A Conversation with Tony Flannery

Tony Flannery is a priest and author of A Question of Conscience. He is also co-founder of the Association of Catholic Priests in Ireland. In 2012, Tony was censured by the Vatican and forbidden to minister as a priest over his calls to reconsider official church teachings on celibacy for priests, contraception, homosexuality and women’s ordination. Since 2013, he has been active in the church reform movement around the world.

A Really Interesting article by Richard Gaillardetz

Doctrinal Authority in the Francis Era

Toward a Pastoral Magisterium in Today’s Church
Richard R. Gaillardetz

Pope Francis during his general audience in Paul VI hall at the Vatican Dec. 14 / CNS photo
Pope Francis is a remarkable witness to authentic Christian discipleship. On this most Catholics agree. We love his humility and simple lifestyle, his infectious joy, his commitment to fundamental Gospel values. This admiration has not prevented some critics from expressing concerns regarding the exercise of his papal office.

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