Some initial responses from people who have read my book

I have just finished reading From the Outside in just two sessions, and I found it a most insightful look at the modern Church both here in Ireland and elsewhere.  You raise so many good points with whichI agree.  The points, on which we might diverge, pale in comparisonwith what is truly pressing.

You will be aware of the phrase “You can lead the horse to water, but you cannot make it drink”, and it is one which constantly comes to mind when I look at the Church in Ireland.  So much needs to be done to put it back firmly on its feet, with a fully participating laity and female

contribution. The clearest of institutional problems are placed before bishops and religious superiors who cannot and do not know how to handle them, or worst of all, fail to see the problems at their feet.

However, Fr Tony, I am a person not just of faith, but of hope, and I really trust that God will inspire the Church to lead, do and say the right thing at the right time.

Your book is an inspiration, and I believe that such inspiration comes from the Holy Spirit.  You bear the burden of your own particular cross with great gentleness and nobility of character.  Bearing it and not rejecting it is a sign of the great love your faith and trust in God.


I just want to let you know that I have read your new book from cover to cover and found it inspiring. It has for one thing confirmed that I’m okay to wonder and question…. THANK YOU.


Sincere congratulations on this very fine book. I’ve read it carefully once but will certainly do so again and again. The range of topics covered is most impressive and you have clearly put tremendous thought into building up a very comprehensive analysis of our Church, where it is at, and the crucial need to review and refresh all its aspects. I was already familiar with much of your thinking on fundamental doctrinal matters as a regular reader of your work over recent years. All thoughtful Christians should be open to reflecting on these crucially important matters. And you have admirable writing style in moving along from traditional but fossilised thinking to refreshing thoughts in a smooth and non-contentious way.