Mike Tegeder and the Archbishop

This is the latest instalment of the correspondence between Mike (the pastor) and his Archbishop over my talk in Minneapolis, which is due on Wednesday next!

Dear Archbishop

Yesterday the office manager at Cabrini called me at Kateri saying that there was a registered letter for me and should she sign for it? Hoping that I won some kind of jackpot, I said of course. When I got to the office I was surprised to find out that the missive was from you and that the postage was $6.49.

Bishop calls priest in over plan to host my talk on Catholic property

The one and only place, in my eighteen city tour, that plan to host my talk in Catholic property is Minneapolis.  I am due there Wednesday next.  This is from the parish bulletin of Mike Tegeder, the pastor. He was hauled in by the bishop, who went so far as to say that I am not as Catholic!

Mike’s response is worth reading.  I am looking forward to going there.  It should be fun!!


Friday morning in Cleveland, and at last I have a bit of time to myself.  I have given eight talks in different cities over the last nine days, and it was hectic. But I have an easy time here, with my talk not scheduled till tomorrow evening. My only duty today is to have lunch with two of the leaders of the US association of Catholic Priests, which should be interesting.  

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