Joe Tobin to get the Red Hat

I am glad to see that Archbishop Joe Tobin of Indianapolis has been chosen as one of the men to be made a cardinal by Pope Francis.
Joe was superior general of the Redemptorists for a good while, and he did a good job. He is enlightened and clear thinking, with a definite liberal streak to him. After he completed his time with us he was put into the position of second-in-command of the Congregation for Religious in the Vatican. This was at the time when said congregation was pursuing the American nuns. Joe was critical of the way this was being handled, and made no secret of his views. As a result, while still under Pope Benedict, he was moved out, and made Archbishop of Indianapolis. Those in the know had no doubt that he was being kicked upstairs because his views did not sit well with the prevailing mood in the Vatican at the time.
Now, under Pope Francis, people like Joe are increasingly being promoted; — though not in Ireland, unfortunately.
I think I was in bad luck that he wasn’t still in charge of the Redemptorists when I had my troubles with the CDF. I believe he would have been a much stronger and smarter advocate on my behalf than the present incumbent.
But that’s the way the cookie crumbled!