My real response to the Vatican Document

Now that I have released the Vatican document into the public domain two things stand out in my mind this evening.

First, it is good to have it out there. From the first moment it came to me I knew that I was not going to sign it. But it has been sitting there for the last three months or so. Now it is gone, my decision has been finally made certain and clear, and there is a sense of relief and satisfaction about that.

Secondly, the response all day has been enormously reassuring. So many people have been in touch in various ways with words of support and encouragement. I am grateful to them all. Taking on such a big and powerful institution as the Vatican can be a lonely spot for an individual. Thankfully it is not like that for me at this stage. 

My hope is that by taking a public stance as I have done, that I can focus attention on the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, highlighting both their theological positions, but even more so their modus operandi, which is by far and away the worst aspect of their existence. 

Rather than signing their propositions, which for me would be both a craven and a deceitful action, I have put a fuller response within the covers of a new book, which is due for publication on October 10th — entitled From the Outside; Rethinking Church Doctrine.

At the very least I hope my response in the book might get the gentlemen of the CDF to move from their apparent obsession with matters of sex and gender, and begin to focus instead on the need to look at some of the more fundamental doctrines of the Church, especially ones that date from the early centuries, and begin to realize that we need to find new language, new metaphors and images, to convey some of the deep meaning of these mysteries to the modern mind and spirit.

Unfortunately in our present circumstances any sort of physical launch will not be possible. But I hope that it will create sufficient of a stir to let people know that it is out there and available, and that people will find it a worthwhile read.