An article in my defense, written by Augustinian Theologian, Gabriel Daly

I am in the course of re-locating out of the house where I have lived for the past seven years, and going through all my ‘stuff’, and I came across this article written by Gabriel Daly some time after I was withdrawn from ministry, and when Francis had become Pope.  Re-reading it, I felt again a deep sense of gratitude to Gabriel for coming out so strongly in my defense. I also noted, and it must be five years since he wrote it, that he stated that the Redemptorists could restore me to ministry without reference to the CDF — something I recently asked them to do, but they were unwilling to.

A good summary here of the type of way my own faith is developing.

This article, by Bishop John Shelby Spong, is a very close outline of what I now believe about our Christian Faith. It makes sense to me, in a way that a lot of our traditional beliefs and doctrines do not stand up any more. As he says, myths turned into doctrinal statements are a thing of the past, not the future.

So, if I ever get permission to stand in a church pulpit or ambo, I will have very different things to say than what I preached about in the past!

Two interesting quotes, on homosexuality in the priesthood, and on the seal of Confession

Martel, in an article justifying both the writing of his book on the Vatican, and its content.

“But there is a more serious reason that justifies the publication of this book during the summit on sexual abuse: I regret having to write this, but it is clear that my book provides the newest and most substantial key to explaining the majority of sexual abuse cases. . .The lie about the sexuality of priests, the concealment of the majority of the clergy’s repressed or active homosexuality, and the organized cover-up of these lies all contribute to the continuation of abuse.

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