What a shower that crowd in the CDF were.

It has come to my attention today that one of the senior people in the CDF at the time that they were busy passing judgment on me had a record of propositioning a religious sister in the confessional. That is about as serious an abuse of the Sacrament as possible.  And the last few years have also shown that the then head of the Congregation, Cardinal Gerhard Muller, is less than forthcoming in his loyalty to the present Pope.

Killala Diocesan Assembly calls for ending of silencing of Priests

The Diocese of Killala, in North Mayo, conducted a very thorough listening exercise right across the diocese, which they termed a Diocesan Assembly.

At the completion of the exercise, which took some months, a number of resolutions were passed by large majorities. One of them, Resolution No. 8, had the following to say:

”That, because it is a source of anger and frustration for many Catholics and because it is bringing the Church into disrepute, we call on Church authorities to deal with the issue of priests who have been ‘silenced’ because they expressed opinions in accordance with their conscience, opinions being expressed by this assembly.

Am I suspended, or Not?


In my recent sojourn in the U.S. I came across a Canon Lawyer. We met over dinner on the evening of my arrival, with three other people in the company. This Canon Lawyer straight away launched into questioning me about my situation re the priesthood, and told me that if he had been dealing with my case it would have been long ago settled. I wasn’t passing too much remarks, since I had decided at an early stage not to go down the canon law route, reckoning that it would take years, and that I could find better ways to spend the later years of my life than wrangling with the Vatican.

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