A good summary here of the type of way my own faith is developing.

This article, by Bishop John Shelby Spong, is a very close outline of what I now believe about our Christian Faith. It makes sense to me, in a way that a lot of our traditional beliefs and doctrines do not stand up any more. As he says, myths turned into doctrinal statements are a thing of the past, not the future.

So, if I ever get permission to stand in a church pulpit or ambo, I will have very different things to say than what I preached about in the past!

Two interesting quotes, on homosexuality in the priesthood, and on the seal of Confession

Martel, in an article justifying both the writing of his book on the Vatican, and its content.

“But there is a more serious reason that justifies the publication of this book during the summit on sexual abuse: I regret having to write this, but it is clear that my book provides the newest and most substantial key to explaining the majority of sexual abuse cases. . .The lie about the sexuality of priests, the concealment of the majority of the clergy’s repressed or active homosexuality, and the organized cover-up of these lies all contribute to the continuation of abuse.

A Personal Reflection on my current situation

I have found this blog very useful, and I am grateful to all the people who visit it every now and again. For me it has two specific uses.

The first one is that I have always found that writing something down is a great way of clarifying my ideas and thoughts, and of course the blog helps to spread my ideas, for whatever they are worth.

The second use is therapeutic, a way of looking at what is going on at a deeper level inside me and bringing it out so that I can look at it — getting it off my chest, as we say.

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