A full account of the International Church Network Meeting in Slovakia last June.

This is a really excellent account of the meeting, written by Australian David Timbs.

International Catholic Reform Network
Pezinok Slovakia, June 11-15, 2018

ICRN’s identity and purpose

We are Catholic priests- and reform-movements working together for and toward a pastoral church.

ICRN is an international network of priest and lay reform movements that organizes pastoral dialogue-retreats to model and prepare the church for the future, to enable its members and invited participants to communicate and dialogue with one another honestly, to tell stories, to heal wounds from the struggles of reform, to give courage to all engaged, and to share energy, enthusiasm, ideas; and in some cases, to act.

Hiding behind decisions is a sign of weakness

This afternoon I am going to Dublin to attend the launch of Donal Dorr’s book, The Francis Agenda. I understand the book is published by Veritas.
That brings back to me memories of my own book of a few years ago, A Question of Conscience, which Veritas refused to stock in any of their shops. Of course they were fully entitled to do so; the shops belong to them, and they can sell, or refuse to sell, whatever they like.

Speaking in the U.S. in November

I am returning to the United States in November. I have been invited to two events.
The first one is a speaking engagement in Pittsburg to an association consisting of priests, former priests and their families and friends. That should be really interesting.
After than I am going to Washington where I will conduct a weekend for LGBT Catholics, families, pastoral ministers and allies, organized by New Ways Ministry.

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