Ronan Mullen’s attack on me.

A few days ago Ronan Mullen launched quite an extraordinary, and very personal, attack on me on the Moncrief Show on Newstalk. Brendan Hoban took up the points he made and answered them effectively on the ACP website, so I don’t need to go into them here.
I didn’t happen to be listening to Moncrief on that particular day, but the incident was brought to my attention and I played it back that evening.

Letters written on my behalf by the ACP Leadership

A couple of months ago the leadership of the ACP wrote a number of letters to Church authorities on my behalf.  They have now published these letters, and the replies they have received, on the ACP website.  This is the link:

Getting more impatient with the Irish Media!

I don’t know if it is inevitable that as we get older we get more impatient and intolerant of a lot of what is going on in this country.  A couple of things did get on my nerves today, Tuesday.

I have never been inside the door of Arus Attracta in Swinford.  I have no experience of working in such a place, and the difficulties that might be involved. But I am very uneasy at what RTE Prime Time is doing tonight; for a number of reasons.

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