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A renewed energy about the US Church
21 November 2014 by Fr Tony Flannery 

Fr Tony FlanneryI have spent the last five weeks on a speaking tour of the US, which has included the Call to Action conference in Memphis, and now a visit to Portland, Oregon, for the penultimate stop in my 18-city schedule.

There are a great many Catholic reform groups in this country, ranging from Call to Action, which seems to be the longest in existence, to other middle-of-the-road associations such as FutureChurch, various women’s ordination movements, and others who have agendas around Catholic sexual teaching and differing stances on the abortion question.

From the National Catholic Reporter

We have no shortage of vocations. What we have is a shortage of vision

Christine Schenk   |  Nov. 20, 2014Simply Spirit
I recently participated in a lively interactive panel about people and priests working together for renewal and reform in the church.

Two priests, Redemptorist Fr. Tony Flannery and Fr. Gerry Bechard, and two laywomen, Deborah Rose-Milavec and me, talked about our experiences of working in various clergy-lay coalitions.

Second last stop: Portland, Oregan

This morning I flew from Sacramento, and journey of one and a half hours, to Portland.  The talk tonight was once again in a Protestant Church, — a very nice one with a young woman minister, who welcomed us very graciously.  It gave all the impression of being a church which was full of life and energy.  Our gathering was only one of a number that was taking place this evening.

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