Second last stop: Portland, Oregan

This morning I flew from Sacramento, and journey of one and a half hours, to Portland.  The talk tonight was once again in a Protestant Church, — a very nice one with a young woman minister, who welcomed us very graciously.  It gave all the impression of being a church which was full of life and energy.  Our gathering was only one of a number that was taking place this evening.


The gathering I had here yesterday afternoon was as good as anything I have had in the whole tour. I have had some that were bigger, but few that had the same atmosphere and warmth as this one. This discussion was busy and interesting, with many hands up for the roving mike at any one time. There was great energy in the hall, and being there gave me a real lift.  

By the time I get to Phoenix…….

To travel from St. Louis to Phoenix at this time of the year was to go from below zero to a very pleasant low twenties celsius. Before I went to give my talk I watched the Irish news on my ipad, and saw the interview with Cardinal Burke. I had heard so much about him during my two days in St. Louis, where he had been archbishop, and all the hurt people he left behind him, so I was interested.

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