New Irish Catechism

So the Irish Bishops have brought out a new Catechism for the Irish Church. Why did they decide to do this? Did they think there was a need for it? Or was there a demand for it? I doubt it.
From what I hear of this catechism, it is in many ways a reversion to the past. Issues like the condemnation of artificial contraception, and same gender sexual expressions of love are there in similar type of blunt language that I thought might have been put behind us.

Sarah Carey talking sense

I have been out of the country, and away from my computer, for a week, and it was good. However, I had the iphone with me, which meant I didn’t take a total break from what was happening at home; kept in touch enough to add to my belief that our little country is going increasingly daft, and, worst still, very unpleasant.
I am glad to see today that Sarah Carey has taken to writing in the Independent.

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