New York: Saturday

The briefest of a visit to New York. Arrived from Philadelphia mid-day Saturday;  had my speaking session just off Washington Square at 2.00pm, as usual in a Protestant setting. (The question Catholic authorities ask: “Is he in good standing?”)  But a very welcoming Catholic pastor did put us up in the rectory for the night.   Had a little time to stroll around Washington Square after the talk, and then on to Mass.

Philadelphia; a different scene

Tonight in Philadelphia was nothing if not interesting.

A large crowd turned up in the science building of the University. There were a number of different reform organisations represented.  Again I was very well received, and the welcome was warm and open.  I felt a little tired during the talk, and the words didn’t come as easily as I would like, but it was all right.

Almost from the beginning I felt that the atmosphere in the hall wasn’t the same as we had the night before in Baltimore.

It’s Thursday; so it must be Baltimore!!

This evening we were in a Presbyterian church, with a lovely, welcoming woman pastor.  It was a bright, modern style church, with easy and good communication.

If I have many more evenings as pleasant as this one, it will be a wonderful tour. The crowd that gathered (not enormous — maybe a bit over one hundred) were warm, but also very knowledgeable.  It was obvious that many of them had been involved in one or other of the reform movements.

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