Head of Vatican doctrinal congregation confronts LCWR for noncooperation

(This is a disturbing development. Is Meuller still free to throw his weight around; or is he using this issue to challenge Francis. Hard to know what is going on, but if he is let away with it, and the LCWR are forced to submit it will be a bad sign for the future of Francis)

Dennis Coday | May. 5, 2014

The Vatican chief of doctrine has accused U.S. women religious leaders of not abiding by a reform agenda the Vatican imposed on their leadership organization following a doctrinal assessment of the group.

Frank and the PAC

Up to now I haven’t written anything about the ongoing saga between my brother Frank and the PAC. It has been extraordinary, and of course quite distressing for those of us close to him, not to mention himself.
I have been amazed at some of the activities of members of the Public Accounts Committee. I think in particular of the practice they had of going on lunchtime radio while a hearing was still in progress, and ridiculing some of the things that were being said by the people inside.

The CDF and Sean Fagan

The ACP have received a clarification from Fr. David Corrigan, Provincial of the Marists, about Sean Fagan.
It seems that the only thing that has been lifted from Sean is the threat of dismissal from the priesthood. The other sanctions remain in place, and his book continues to be banned.
I’m afraid that this removes any possibility that the gesture towards Sean is a sign of some softening of policy on behalf of the CDF, or some indication that the ‘Francis factor’ was beginning to work.

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