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The word ‘closure’ is being used very commonly nowadays, and has taken on a specific meaning. I has to do with putting an end to a traumatic experience in a person’s life. It is often used in terms of physical or emotional assault, injury, murder of a friend or family, sexual abuse of a minor, or various other situations. We hear claims being made outside a courtroom for example, by families or an individual that a conviction and sentencing of a perpetrator has brought ‘closure’ to the case.

My latest on Esker — in the current Connacht Tribune

In my recent article in this paper about the imminent closure of Esker monastery I briefly mentioned that the monastery was considered by many people as a place with a healing ministry. This ministry was intimately connected with one of the earliest Redemptorists, an Italian from the eighteenth century, Gerard Majella, who is now a canonised saint. My memory of the monastery in my young days was that there was always one particular priest associated with the gift, and who used a relic of the saint in his ministry.

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