A brief review of my book, From the Outside

Anne Alhadef shared a link.

Shortly after reading Fr. Tony Flannery’s book From the Outside: Rethinking Church Doctrine (ISBN 978 1 78605 102 8) I read the 12 February 2021 Word on Fire article below. What a contrast between the two. For me the one was fearfully clinging to a misogynistic, patriarchal Church while the other was recognizing that faith is living, and therefore, changing.

   The reason for this Facebook page is that I have come to see the need for the changes Flannery outlines in his book. I didn’t always think what he outlined was the way to proceed but we were on the same page.

   If all you do is Google the back cover of Flannery’s book you will be met with much to mull over – though I do recommend reading the book. Because I have used some uncomplimentary words in describing the WoF article I will post that to give it a fair shot but at the same time I can’t sit by when I see what for me is that museum mentality trying to keep something alive that should have been let go of long ago: that being Christendom. 

   Christianity is about mission, being immersed in Jesus’ radical way of looking at and accepting things. Christendom is about power and coercion. From the call for racial, gender, and social equality we have seen how the later can no longer be the way we move and breathe as Christians. Rethinking Church doctrine is needed. Change is needed. 8