How the media dealt with the Tuam Mother and Babies story

I was in the U.S. on my speaking tourwhen the story of the Tuam Babies, and the discovery of hundred of remains in a septic tank broke. Everywhere I went I was being questioned about it, people wondering how nuns could be so cruel and uncaring.

Since a cousin of my own was reputed to have been ‘dumped’ in that septic tank, it wasn’t a subject that I welcomed on my travels.

Since then we have learned a little more about it, but there is still a great deal we do not know, even after the publication of the Report.

The link below is from an Australian media account, not of the actual Tuam Mother and Babies home, but of the way in which the media dealt with the story. I think it is worth listening to.  It is only about ten minutes long.…and-babies-story/