Frank and the Public Accounts Committee

I wish to briefly reflect on the experience of the past two weeks or so, since the question of my  brother Frank going before the Public Accounts Committee first came to prominence.

I have listened to politicians of all shades, led by the Taoiseach, and followed closely by the Tanaiste, and then by number members of all parties, calling on him to attend. Meanwhile the members of the PAC were on every possible media outlet, demanding that he come before them, and increasingly threatening all kinds of retribution if he failed to appear. 

My Article on First Year of Pope Francis, from Irish Times, March 11

When Pope Francis, in Evangelii Gaudium, which came out last November, talked about how “the Church has to accept the unruly freedom of the Word” I knew that in all probability we were in a new era for the Catholic Church. In the founding story of Christianity that we find in the New Testament we are told that the close followers of Jesus were timid and frightened after he had left them.

From The Irish Times, March 8th: by Patsy McGarry

Following a dark night of the soul, Fr Tony Flannery is back on the road again, moving towards the light

The outspoken priest is giving a series of talks on ‘ways forward’ for the Cathol

Fr Tony Flannery is in a much better place these days. He’s back in the family home. Back in the east Galway townland where it all began 67 years ago. The only place to be in times of trouble, in an hour of darkness.He’s
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