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The Womens Ordination Conference in Philadelphia

Tomorrow, please God, I will be in Philadelphia, to attend and address the Womens Ordination Worldwide Conference.
I have already been reminded many times, and no later than this morning, that I should not be attending, that I am putting myself even more out on a limb, and greatly lessening whatever chance there might be of being restored to public ministry. I have been reminded that the sainted John Paul has said the final word on this subject, and that forever and a day, it can never be discussed again.

Not much chance of dialogue here, I’m afraid! This email came to me this morning!

  Dear Fr Flannery,
I take this opportunity to question your latest position on the new marriage streamline scheme edict by the holy father. I would note first, that I have become aware of your liberal and progressive view, which have become unpopular among many of faithful and laity alike. I am writhing to you because you and your cohort of have embraced this new age modern way.

Letter to Pope Francis on the occasion of his visit to the U.S.

This letter was sent by the International Network of Reform movements, of which I am the Irish delegate.


Catholics Call on Pope Francis to Keep Parishes Open

As Pope Francis makes his inaugural journey to the United States, Catholics from the United States and around the world are calling on him to help them keep parishes open.

Open Letter to Pope Francis released today calls attention to the widespread policy of bishops to merge, cluster and close parishes and asks Pope Francis to encourage them to find ways to keep them open rather than shuttering them.

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