Not much chance of dialogue here, I’m afraid! This email came to me this morning!

  Dear Fr Flannery,
I take this opportunity to question your latest position on the new marriage streamline scheme edict by the holy father. I would note first, that I have become aware of your liberal and progressive view, which have become unpopular among many of faithful and laity alike. I am writhing to you because you and your cohort of have embraced this new age modern way. It is very disappointing to see a priest such as yourself take on this world view. Where did you learn this. I refer by the way of your position for voting YES in the redefinition of the family, not the referendum of same sex marriage, which clearly you new exactly what you were voting for because as a member of the faithful the truth was revealed to you. But instead you sought to steal the show, break the your vow of obedience and disregard the teachings of the church. Now I am am very aware of the pressures the faithful face, but you have made it much worse. At this stage, you would be forgiven to think that I am an ordinary Joe. I am from Galway City and a devote Catholic. Unlike.I will be making an official complaint about you and your members of the Association to the my local bishop.Because your not a proper priest but a heretic. Self glorifying, boastful and worthy of all men. but St Paul warned of your type and indeed Matthew as-well.

Furthermore, it has also come to my attention that a member of a senior figure of a certain ORGANISATION and political party has a link with your self. But the apple never falls far from the tree. So I hope you reflect on all that has been said and stop preaching your populist views to the ignorant and ungodly masses which you yourself are complaisant. Take it from from me father the gospel is clear in what it says.

yours faithfully,

John O Halloran