From the head of FutureChurch, main organisers of my U.S. Tour

I am compiling a report on our Tony Flannery tour and thought you would be interested in reading some of the publicity Tony received here in the USA.  In short, he quickly became known as a truth-telling folk hero and wisdom figure for thousands with a delightful flare for making the knotty difficulties involved in working for reform lighter through humor.  Tony was easily loved and embraced by everyone he met. Deb


•       Silenced Irish Priest Tony Flannery touring US (NCR)

•       “Blacklisted” Priest Hopeful for changes to Catholic credo (Washington Times)

•       Tony Flannery on Bill Press Live (at 1:38)

•       Fr. Tony Flannery preaches church reform with a brogue (NCR)

• (NY video)

•       Censured priest fiends support in W. Warwick (Providence Journal)

•       Threatened with Excommunication, Tony Flannery Holds Firm to His Beliefs (Crux)


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