Thank You

I know that I have many readers in the US, as a result of my time there.  Now that I have returned home, I wish to use this medium to say thanks to all who were involved in making my tour such a wonderful experience.

Thanks to all the people who accommodated me in the various different cities, people who opened their homes to me, and were unfailingly generous and welcoming.

Thanks to the organisers of the gatherings in each city – for all the work you put in advertising, arranging the venue, and in many cases having some finger-food and drinks available afterwards, which gave me a great chance to meet people.  I know that was not possible in every venue.

Thanks to the owners of the venues, mostly Protestant Churches or halls, for their generosity and welcome.

Thanks to all the people who attended my talks in the eighteen different places –and the numerous people who expressed support and encouragement along the way.

Thanks to the organisers of the Call to Action conference in Memphis for inviting me to attend and to give some talks. That was a great experience, not least in giving me the chance to listen to Kerry Kennidy!

Thanks to the network of Reform Movements who sponsored and backed the tour. I know they took a chance, and I hope they feel rewarded.

And, finally, thanks to the main organisers, FutureChurch,  and in particular Deborah Rose-Milavec, for all the detail of planning.  For such a complex tour, involving so many people and so much travel, it went ahead with hardly a hitch.

I will remember this experience for the rest of my life.